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New CA Family Leave Requirements Take Effect

The law benefits employees at smaller companies.


Historic Law Requires Equal Pay Audits

The Icelandic measure is unlike anything ever seen in the United States.


DOL Updates Internship Rules

The agency has adopted a new stance on unpaid internships.


What Tax Reform Means for Payroll

With the final bill passed, we dive into the specific payroll implications.

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Your 2018 Federal & State Tax Tool

Look up 2018 minimum wages, contribution limits, FICA and FUTA rates, and much more.


IRS Updates ACA Reporting Deadlines

The change marks just the latest “Obamacare” twist for employers.


What Is Third Party Sick Pay?

One of Namely’s payroll gurus writes a prescription for managing sick pay.


4 Compliance Predictions for 2018

What does next year have in store for HR professionals?


5 Reasons Why HR in California is So Hard

There’s a reason why HR salaries are high in the Golden State.


Our 2017 HR Predictions, Revisited

Did our HR and compliance predictions stand the test of time?

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How the CVS-Aetna Merger Impacts the Future of Benefits

This acquisition has the potential to radically change consumer healthcare.


What Tax Reform Means for HR

Legislation in Congress could throw the HR community for a loop this holiday season.


Tax Reform’s Impact on ACA Remains Unclear

Would repealing the individual mandate doom “Obamacare?”


DOL Considering Automatic Updates for Overtime Rules

Agency leaders are weighing the benefits of tying the overtime threshold to inflation. 

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New York Set to Require ‘Predictive’ Scheduling

Simply being “on call” would entitle employees to extra compensation. 


Are Employees Due Extra Pay on Holidays?

It’s often assumed that working on holidays entitles hourly employees to a premium rate of pay or double overtime. We’ll cut through the myth and discover what employees are owed in the eyes of the law.


Key Dates to Remember for Year-End Payroll

You’ll want to be mindful of these bank holidays and IRS reporting deadlines.


Navigating Federal and State Anti-Harassment Laws

A roundup of protected classes, training requirements, and more.


How to Switch an Employee from Salaried to Hourly

Call it “When Hourly Met Salary,” but the process of switching is anything but romantic.

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Workplaces Not Immune to Opioid Epidemic

Is your HR team prepared to address substance abuse in the workplace?