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How to Change Pay Frequencies

When it comes to switching paydays, use these helpful tips.


CA Set to Ban Salary History Questions

If signed by the governor, the bill could spur other states to follow suit.


‘Obamacare’ Faces Another Congressional Test

A new proposal has put the ACA in Republican crosshairs—again. 


Are ‘No-Poaching’ Agreements Legal?

The DOJ has vowed to stamp out the controversial agreements.


Trump Stalls EEO-1 Equal Pay Proposal

The rule change would have required companies to report employee pay alongside gender and race.


Everything to Know About the Form W-4

From new hires to newly weds, learn who needs to complete the oft-misunderstood Form W-4.


Why Paper Checks Are Here to Stay

For better or worse, physical paychecks are still preferred by large swaths of the workforce.

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What Dara Khosrowshahi Could Mean for Uber’s Company Culture

HR practices at the ride-sharing giant have been front and center. We take a look at their new CEO’s track record.


FMLA Leave and Natural Disasters

When disaster strikes, how do existing labor laws support employees?


The ‘Earning Ring of Fire’: Decoding Pay Types

When should you actually create a new pay type? One of Namely’s payroll experts weighs in.


Is Workplace Bullying Legal?

When it comes to abusive conduct, Title VII and the ADA often come into play.


When Are Employees ‘On the Clock?’

From your morning commute to lunch, we break down what counts as time worked.


The Evolution of Paid Leave

As more cities prioritize family leave, we take a step back to see just how far we’ve come.


San Francisco Bans Salary History Questions

The Golden City is the latest to move toward equal pay reform.


Oregon Signs “Predictable Scheduling” Law

The state is the first to enshrine workers’ right to a steady work schedule.


How Medicare Payroll Taxes Work

What is Medicare and how is it funded? One of Namely's experts dives into an oft-misunderstood payroll tax.


Trump’s Impact on HR, So Far

From Obamacare to office discourse, we examine the President’s impact on the workplace.


Minneapolis To Enact $15 Minimum Wage

The city's new wage ordinance is the first of its kind in the Midwest.


NYC Looks to Limit Non-Competes

City lawmakers are exploring ways of curbing the controversial agreements.


Decoding Social Security Taxes

An expert from the Namely team breaks down Social Security, how it works, and its associated payroll taxes.