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Oregon Signs “Predictable Scheduling” Law

The state is the first to enshrine workers’ right to a steady work schedule.


How Medicare Payroll Taxes Work

What is Medicare and how is it funded? One of Namely's experts dives into an oft-misunderstood payroll tax.


Trump’s Impact on HR, So Far

From Obamacare to office discourse, we examine the President’s impact on the workplace.


Minneapolis To Enact $15 Minimum Wage

The city's new wage ordinance is the first of its kind in the Midwest.


NYC Looks to Limit Non-Competes

City lawmakers are exploring ways of curbing the controversial agreements.


Decoding Social Security Taxes

An expert from the Namely team breaks down Social Security, how it works, and its associated payroll taxes.


DOL Weighing Significant Changes to Overtime

The DOL could be planning to dramatically change how job responsibilities and wages factor into overtime eligibility.


Revisiting Our 2017 HR Predictions

The last six months have been full of compliance twists and turns. See how Namely’s predictions stacked up.


From the ACA to AHCA, Uncertainty Remains

Will ‘Obamacare’ be repealed, replaced, or neither? The jury is still out.


USCIS Unveils New Form I-9

Employers will have only weeks to update their onboarding process.

washington (1).jpg

Washington Passes New Paid Family Leave Law

The state’s leave program will give eligible family members up to 18 weeks of paid leave.


Is 2017 the Year of Equal Pay?

States build momentum on efforts to close the national pay gap.


Exempt or Non-Exempt: Are You Classifying Employees Correctly?

Here’s how to navigate the ongoing classification challenge.


Labor Department Brings Back Opinion Letters

The DOL announced a major process change, and HR professionals are celebrating it as good news.

6-17-eeoc (1).jpg

President Trump Nominates New EEOC Head

The former Burlington Coat Factory executive was nominated to lead the EEOC in a surprising move by the Trump administration.


DOL Declines to Defend Overtime Rules

After months of speculation, Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta has decided to pull the plug on last year's changes to overtime. 


How to Manage Compensation Across State Lines

Don’t get stuck in these four compliance traps when setting up a new office.


Workplace Poster Requirements 101

From FLSA to OSHA, learn what workplace posters your HR team is responsible for hanging in the office. 


Decoding Tax Notices

Did you recently find an IRS tax notice in the mail? Take a deep breath and read this.


HR Compliance Trends to Watch in 2017

Read our annual compliance report to find out what changes lie ahead for HR.