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HR Compliance Trends to Watch in 2017

Read our annual compliance report to find out what changes lie ahead for HR.


Delaware Bans Salary History Questions

The state's new equal pay law has a number of surprising and unique provisions.


California Looks to Expand Veteran Hiring

A bipartisan bill encourages businesses to favor job applicants who are US veterans.


DOL Seeks Public Comment on Overtime

The federal government will soon ask the public for its input on overtime rules.


Trump Administration Recalls Joint-Employer Guidance

The DOL's new leadership is beginning to reexamine the employee-employer relationship.


Getting the Administrative Exemption Right

The vast majority of employers are tripped up by this one overtime rule. 


Law Makes it Easier to Leave PEOs

With a long-awaited IRS program in full effect, it's easier than ever to make the switch.


Oregon Bans Salary History Questions

The state is the latest jurisdiction to limit recruiters' access to past compensation.


Illinois Moves Toward $15 Minimum Wage

After a flurry of activity last year, the state is the first in 2017 to consider a $15 minimum wage.


USCIS Prepares for E-Verify Expansion

With growing support in Washington, mandatory E-Verify looks likely.

5-17-DOL copy.jpg

DOL Moves Ahead With ‘Fiduciary Rule’

In a surprise move, Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta has opted to preserve the Obama-era rule—for now.


PA Court Voids Pittsburgh Sick Leave

The Steel City's sick leave program is just the latest to be voided by state preemption rules.


President Trump Signals Support for Paid Leave

The remarks represent the president’s most definitive statement on paid leave since Inauguration Day.


Indiana Curbs Local ‘Ban the Box’ Rules

The law’s recent signing effectively voids Indianapolis’ ban the box ordinance.

05_2017_states copy.jpg

State Preemption: HR's Latest Curveball

State legislators are increasingly looking to limit or void local labor laws.  

duties test.jpg

Getting the Overtime Duties Test Right

Overtime classifications are based on wages and job duties—here's your guide to the latter category.


CT Seeks Benefits Protections for Pregnancy

A new healthcare proposal enjoys bipartisan support in Hartford.

05_2017_hrlaws copy.jpg

How to Navigate Contradictory HR Laws

This one tip is the closest thing to a "golden rule" you'll find in HR compliance.


Minneapolis, Saint Paul Clarify Sick Leave Laws

The Twin Cities are just weeks away from enacting their new paid sick leave programs.


Alex Acosta Confirmed as Secretary of Labor

President Trump's appointment will head the DOL and decide the future of overtime, labor enforcement, and more.